Empowering Women Retreat

7 days and 6 nights of personal development in Ubud, Bali Indonesia
6th November - 13th November 
Only $2995 AUD

Let’s Rise Together! 

Have you been on your self-development journey for a while now? 

Do you still feel like you’re not where you want to be in life? 

This retreat is perfect for you! 

Discover the KEY that unlocks true happiness and joy in your life...

AUTHENTICITY -  find your way BACK to the REAL YOU...

When you are YOU then it feels like life is happening FOR YOU instead of to you. 

Are you feeling lonely in an unfulfilled relationship, sometimes feel depressed, suffer from anxiety or feel numb? 

Do you compare yourself to others or feel inadequate, are you sometimes judgemental, or have negative and critical thoughts? 

I have been there, and after spending over a decade on my own personal development, I have transformed my life to become an Empowered Woman who’s passion is to assist other women to break out of bad habits and thoughts so they can shift from living an unfulfilled life to living an inspired passionate life! 

I was exhausted, scattered, overwhelmed, feeling disconnected from my true value as a woman and my personal power! I was running on a lack, scarcity, shame and people-pleasing program and was trapped in the daily hustle!!

One day I made a very powerful choice for myself! 

I stopped running myself into the ground! 

As a certified hypnotist and mindset coach, I will take you from scarcity, lack, or victim mindset to one of gratitude, abundance and joy. 

At this 7 day, 6-night retreat, you, along with 20 other women, will form a bond and transform as a tribe. 

Daily you will wake to attend a beautiful yoga session to help you feel calm and inner and outer strength followed by a guided meditation session to start your day off right.

Honai resort will then provide you with a healthy vegetarian breakfast. 

Then you will attend a 2-hour session where I will work with you to transform your life from the inside out - working on your mindset, teach you gratitude  practises and show you how to manifest your dreams

After another nourishing meal by Honai, you will attend your second session for the day. 

After 3pm you have free time where you can have a beauty treatment, journal, take a dip in the pool or simply relax. 

Around 7pm you will have your last meal for the day and then the night is yours to bond and interact or head to bed early! 
I have worked very hard to keep the price low and all-inclusive of shared-accommodation, food, yoga and beauty treatments. Everything is taken care of for you! 

I spend hours everyday helping women build their tribes, self-worth and achieve their goals, and now I want to do it for you! 

You will leave a whole different woman to the one who arrived in Bali - you will be so excited about your future!

Freedom requires a NEW strategy and a new VIBRATION for you!

This journey is about connecting on a deeper level to your INNER GODDESS! We will get intimate with your Soul’s Desires! 

Dive deeply into opening your heart and claim your DIVINE POWER! 

It is time to put yourself first and come join us for the transformation of a lifetime! 

Discover how to gain more clarity in your life - especially if you are in a time of transition at work or in your relationships. 

The key to effortless manifestation - YES, there is a way for you to get what you want even if you don't do affirmations or visualizations every single day.

How to overcome doubt, fear, worry, negativity, and anything slowing down your ability to manifest quickly.

Message me today so we can chat 

Honai Resort in beautiful Ubud, Bali Indonesia 

Location and Accommodation

Honai is a uniquely traditional Bali Wellness Resort in the countryside of Ubud, Bali. Honai Resort represents a modern interpretation of the traditional Indonesian Honai or roundhouse. The resort is specifically designed as a retreat centre, focusing on traditional therapies, spa treatments, organic cuisine, yoga and meditation.

You will be housed in a shared room with a likeminded woman. 
Deluxe Double Room with Garden View


  •  Separate Shower & Bath Tub
  •  Tea & Coffee Maker
  •  Safe Deposit Box
  •  Minibar
  •  Slippers
  •  Air Conditioner


Daily meditation, yoga and spa treatments.
Four hours a day of coaching and life transformation sessions.
Plenty of personal and fun time

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